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The increasing number of sites that offer discount vouchers as consumers make us more happy, because more choices that offered discounts. But the obstacle is whether we should be diligent to open all these sites every day to get the best deals? Imagine how difficult it can be if we have to open some or perhaps dozens of sites every day.

Leave the search task on and you just see all the offerings that exist in one site, that site is
Because is a search engine that will help you find that you are looking for. All discount offers, ranging from the latest offers every day, the biggest discount, until the search by categories and specific locations. act only as search engine (for Discount Vouchers), and had nothing to do with the site that provide discount vouchers (merchant). Therefore  does not have the responsibility of product ordering, shipping, and refunding your money. All duties and responsibilities belong to vendors and merchants

Tips on buying discount voucher:

  1. Do not fall for the amount of the discount that given. Please read carefully the terms and conditions for using the voucher. And expired date.

  2. Make sure for the site where you buy or transfer money, it's a site that can be trusted. Or be even better if the site is a recommendation from your friends or colleague

  3. If you're not sure, you can contact the merchant or place (eg: Restaurants / Studio / etc) that use (claim) the discount vouchers.


Various kinds of work system discount voucher vendor sites:

Group Buying:
The concept of group buying, where people can get the best discount every few days. Discounts are available for products and services related to lifestyle includes entertainment venues, restaurants, spa, travel, gadgets and hotels.
Way it works is like this, there is a site that functions as an intermediary between producers and consumers who enter into agreements with manufacturers to collect a certain number of prospective consumers, in order to get a discount or low price. You could say the discount is given for committing a transactions in large quantities.
  If you want to be a customer, register yourself first. If there is an interesting discount or voucher, purchase and pay immediately.
Well, while waiting for the minimum number of vouchers to get a deal, you can suggest to your friends to buy the same voucher, in addition to speed up the deal, as a recommend has a chance to get cashback. If after long waiting, the offer doesn't get a deal, a buyer can conduct refund of their voucher payment.

Electrical Discount vouchers Via the Internet (Social Buying):
Social Buying is an Internet business model that provides the opportunity for the merchant as the producer (restaurant / hotel / studio / etc) to offer high discounts to customers within a certain time, this business becomes a win-win situation for all parties involved in it, which for merchant is an opportunity for promotion, and offers the opportunity for consumers to try it,
Discounts are offered quite large, usually ranging from 50% above. How to get a discount voucher is to be a member of the site, select and buy the voucher, then pay by transfer, and a customer will get a coupon or vouchers by sent via post, or just a voucher codes that will be sent via SMS or Email. Then the a customer just bring a print out voucher codes or shows the SMS when using it.

Contact Us About Us Special Promo Mobile is search engine for Promotion / Voucher / Coupon Discount do not responsible for any transactions. For transactions please contact the merchant directly.